Rich Lee & Indiana production celebrates World Down Syndrome Day with a heartfelt & quirky spot ‘The Hiring Chain’

Rich Lee via Indiana production celebrates World Down Syndrome Day with this heartfelt and visually delightful spot ‘The Hiring Chain’, supported by the inimitable vocal performance of Sting. Made possible through partnerships with Small creative agency, CoorDown and LinkedIn, this campaign harnesses playful narration through song to shed light on the power of inclusive recruitment. We watch what can happen when employers take action to set prejudices aside and appreciate the work and capabilities of those who have Down Syndrome.

As this affirmative chain of events unfolds, each of us are encouraged to take part in positively shaping the diversity of our workplaces and our community as a whole. The campaign also seeks to inform and connect potential employers with Down syndrome associations and employment platforms for people with disability around the world.

‘People with disabilities don’t want to be your inspiration’, explains Martina Fuga (VP of Communication at CoorDown), challenging a well-worn motif within creative work featuring people with disabilities.

‘The more you see people with Down Syndrome at work, the more they will be hired’, explains Luca Panesse (Co-Founder & ECD at SMALL), of their guiding insight for the work.