With production offices in Sydney, Auckland & Cape Town & over fifteen years worth of Australian & New Zealand production contacts, Clockwork Films is the ideal local production service provider for your next project. We can quickly turn around production budgets, location references & put you in touch with personally recommended highly skilled exceptionally good value crew. Let us take the hassle out of the on-the-ground logistics so you can focus on the fun stuff!

Clockwork Films can organize local pre-paid phones & internet access on your behalf, transfers & transport, recommend / book accommodation & restaurants, & act as employer to take the headache out of complying with local visa requirements, taxation, superannuation, insurance, union & Government labor law obligations. Clockwork Films also has extensive experience working with Children & compliance with various state legislations. If you require local talent or extras, we’re here to help.

If your production requires access to remote locations & Australia’s spectacular outback, we have the experience & contacts to get you there & back safely; & with the cooperation & permission of traditional land owners. With our experience, permits & CASA approvals (for UAV / drones / aerial work) are made easy. We pride ourselves in making sure that your production… runs like Clockwork.


The dream.

As kids we loved pulling things apart & putting them back together again to see how they work.Tiny cogs, precise gears, carefully crafted lever arms, pins & springs. Art, design, & engineering all coming together to breath life into the inanimate – it’s a kind of magic.


The art of creating commercials is a lot like clockwork. Crafted with skill. Care. Passion. Multidisciplinary. Intricate interconnected parts coming together in symphony to an elegant end. Every component is important. A well executed project should feel deceptively simple & delight.

Like Clockwork.

Clockwork Films was founded in 2007 with the aim of delivering a better client experience. We’re a collective of directors, producers, designers & photographers with specialisation & genre experience as diverse as our backgrounds. We work harder. We work smarter. We punch above our weight. So your project runs like clockwork.