The Bigger Picture was launched by Tracy Mays with an ethos to match its namesake. The company embodies a streamlined, producer-centric model, where strategic thinking and multi-versed talent service every aspect of a brand or agency’s integrated production needs. The Bigger Picture’s network includes creatives of many stripes including directors with a keen eye for concept development who work on projects for all screens and move fluidly between branded content and commercials to television series, features, fashion editorial, and music videos.

“My refrain is that we have shattered the box of typical production processes because we acknowledge that today nothing is typical,” says Tracy Mays, Founder/Executive Producer, The Bigger Picture. “It is a time of inventiveness and expanded needs, in an on-demand world. We understand what our clients are looking to do, and the realities they face. Our mission is to be there along the way, with efficiency, creativity and an openness to develop and deliver so that we serve The Bigger Picture.”