Jamie Maule-Ffinch

Jamie Maule-Ffinch grew up in the UK thinking he was Marty McFly. When he wasn’t able to befriend a strange old man with a time machine, he decided to do the next obvious thing: make films.

Now he shoots all over the world for huge brands and TV companies, and writes TV and film scripts with a focus on comedy.

Yeah sure, he’s won awards but, being British, he thinks it’s uncouth to talk about them.

  • His short film, Morning After, won Best Comedy in the 2017 Discover Film Festival.
  • His short, The Bathtub Clown, won Best Screenplay in the same festival the following year.
  • His web series, Tits Up, received multiple nominations including Best Comedy Series at Austin Comedy Short Film Festival 2018.
  • He’s the proud owner of a D&AD Yellow Pencil, several IVCA Awards, and a 5-meter Swimming Badge.

Jamie loves taking influence from movies of the late 20th century, working with collaborative people, and writing about himself in the third person.