Colin Sonner

Colin Sonner grew up in a Southeast Alaska rainforest taking pictures, shooting and editing videos on two linked VCRs. After a brief stint in a Philosophy PhD program, he bought a camera and returned to his true passion, making images.

He started his career as a documentary camera operator and cinematographer, and has since shot and directed docs around the world, from Shanghai to Kurdistan. After a few years, he began directing branded content and commercials for a wide range of clients, including Mercedes-Benz, Citibank, Coors Light, Miller Light, Comedy Central, The New York Times, The New Orleans Saints, and Dick’s Sporting Goods, among others.

Colin loves using image-forward vignettes to reveal intimate moments between characters. And his background in documentary has made him comfortable working with both actors and non-actors alike. Colin currently lives in Los Angeles and is developing a feature film, enjoying life as a new father, and is on the lookout for a puppy.