Caswell Coggins

Caswell Coggins is a filmmaker with significant and wide-ranging experience in directing film, commercials, and branded content. He has a rich track record for a host of leading clients including Hermes, Xbox, McDonalds, O’Neill, Walkers, Batchelors, Shell, BBC, ITV, and Sky.

Caswell’s instinct is to collaborate. He enjoys working closely with clients, translating their creative concepts imaginatively to the screen in a way that exceeds their expectations. He communicates sensitively, establishes relationships quickly, while striving for empathy always. He is a director who relishes new ideas, new challenges, new partnerships.

Another dimension of Caswell’s work is a focus on filmmaking that addresses social and individual marginalization. His work has captured for the screen pioneering intervention projects involving street children in Ethiopia, young adults with early stage psychosis, and other groups of young people at risk.

Caswell is currently working on an ongoing online docu series about inner city boxing called Posh Boys. Check out the series here: