Frank Martin Schmidt — more widely known by his artist name Martines — was born in Germany and spent some of his childhood in New York. Since his early days he has had two passions. film and sports.

After a work placement in publishing at Axel Springer SE, he worked as a freelance journalist for German TV stations ARD and ZDF, as well as RLT and SAT1. Martines began his career shooting documentaries, both as camera operator and director.

All of this experience has enhanced his intuition and sense for catching moments of humanity. This talent has resulted in a steady career in commercials and advertisements since 2000. Martines focuses precisely on the essence — the core — of each story he encounters, allowing him to deliver the message in the shortest timeframe.

Martines’ films derive their authenticity from constantly juggling inspirational insights with ideas based on everyday life situations. His vision is clearly story-based, humorous, frequently visual, and always human — characterized by an intuitive gift for casting and rhythm, perfectly matching each story he directs.

Martines loves the close exchange with clients and agencies and is always interested in the product — its history, its present, and its future.