Estelle Collective

The Estelle Collective is a progressive group of talented young filmmakers with their fingers on the pulse of NOW.

Working separately and, sometimes together, the collective as a whole has a consistent voice on the cutting edge, collaborating with the top beauty, fashion and music brands in the world. Dior Estee Lauder, Revlon, Levis, Visionaire, Nike, Aldo, Nowness, H&M, Madonna, Universal Music, Michael Kors, Bobbi Brown, Coach, Reebok, Vogue, and VS — the list goes on and their talent is undeniable.

Curated by 20-year-veteran Estelle Leeds, the directors in The Estelle Collective have passed muster against her discerning taste barometer. Internationally respected in the fashion/beauty world, Estelle’s deep experience with icons such as Bert Stern is the foundation of her ability to find and nurture the next wave in this genre.

This is Estelle Collective.