Directors & Creators

From established directors to rising stars blazing new trails, The Bigger Picture family includes some of the biggest names in film and television from around the world. We also work with creative collaborators (”Creators”) on special projects. 

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  • Caswell Coggins
    Cinematic stylist and visual storyteller with an eye for detail
  • Jones
    Comedic directing duo offering indelible characters and sly humor
  • Amir Mokri
    Renowned as a cinematic stylist on action-packed blockbuster features
  • Oden Few Roberts
    Award-winning writer/director bringing concepts to vivid life for all screens
  • Ryan Travis
    Action-capturing stylist with a passion for sports and speed
  • Laura Goncalves
    Crafting unique visual imprints with indelible style and exquisite looks.
  • Keegan Wilcox
    Tightly-woven narrative and branded storytelling with cinematic flair
  • Matthew Woolf
    Combining the best of live action and tabletop from start to finish